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All staff are expected to behave professionally, ethically and with integrity and to exercise their powers in a fair, reasonable, proper, and lawful manner.

Our conduct framework

We have procedures for determining breaches of the APS Code of Conduct and the sanctions imposed.

These procedures are established under section 15(3) of the Public Service Act 1999. 

We publish the procedures in accordance with section 15(7) of the Act.

Download the APS Code of Conduct: determining breaches and determining sanction

Public Interest Disclosure (PID)

Public officials (disclosers) who suspect wrongdoing within the Commonwealth public sector can raise their concerns under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (PID Act).

Allegations made under the PID Act are public interest disclosures (PIDs).

  • All Australian Government agencies, Commonwealth companies, and public authorities have responsibilities under the PID Act to:
  • investigate suspected wrongdoing, and
  • take appropriate action.


  • Conduct which may be the subject of a PID includes, but is not limited to:
  • a contravention of the law
  • corruption
  • perverting the course of justice
  • maladministration
  • an abuse of public trust
  • falsifying scientific research
  • wastage of public money, or
  • conduct that is a danger to health, safety, or the environment.

The PID Act offers protection to disclosers (‘whistleblowers’) from reprisal action.

For more information:

How to make a public interest disclosure

To submit a public interest disclosure, please email

Alternatively, you can make a public interest disclosure directly to the Commonwealth Ombudsman:

•    call: 1300 362 072
•    email:

  • PIDS should include as much information as possible, including:
  • your name and contact details
  • the nature of the wrongdoing
  • who you think committed the wrongdoing
  • when and where the wrongdoing occurred
  • relevant background information and events
  • if anything has been done in response to the wrongdoing
  • contact details for anyone else who is aware of the wrongdoing
  • whether you believe your information is a PID under the PID Act
  • any concerns about possible reprisal as a result of making the disclosure.

Further guidance is available in A guide to making a disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013.

Updated 2 Jun 2023
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