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There are two Master Reef Guides in the Townsville region and 14 in the Whitsundays region.

You can read the profiles of each Master Reef Guide in Townsville and Whitsundays region below, including the High Standard Tourism Operator they work for, their professional experience, and what they specialise in.

Master Reef Guides are the world’s leading reef guides, interpreters and storytellers sharing the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

These reef ambassadors can provide up to date information on the Reef, share stories of the magical World Heritage Area and explain what you can do to make a difference.


Meet your Master Reef Guides - Townsville

Adam Hinks – Master Reef Guide | Owner | Aquascene Charters Pty Ltd | Townsville (Cohort 5)


Master Reef Guides Adam

Master Reef Guide | Skipper | Dive Instructor | Owner | Adrenalin Snorkel and Dive | Townsville (Cohort 4)

Master Reef Guide Paul is a legend in the Great Barrier Reef dive industry, as the owner of Adrenalin Snorkel and Dive for over 20 years. The Townsville based dive training and marine tourism operator offers diving trips to various reefs and the SS Yongala Wreck.

Paul has a wealth of knowledge and stories to share on the Great Barrier Reef. Whether he is talking about diving many of the uncharted and rarely explored wrecks in the area, or the history of the local Reef sites off Townsville, Paul will keep you interested. Paul maintains a commitment to environmental sustainability and the education of his guests, as a recognised Eco Tourism Australia ‘Green Travel Leader’.


Master Reef Guide Paul

Master Reef Guide | Owner | Aquascene Charters | Magnetic Island | Townsville (Cohort 3)

Master Reef Guide Steph grew up on Magnetic Island, Steph has been influenced by the beauty and magic of the Great Barrier Reef from a young age.

Steph has a background in the Great Barrier Reef Tourism Industry in the Townsville region for over 35 years and together with her husband, owns and operates their successful tour business on Magnetic Island, Aquascene Charters, for the past 15 years.

Steph also has a passion for creativity and education, it has always been important to her on many levels and is at the heart of everything she does.  One of her artistic passions is to paint with wax.  “I love being creative and to be able to create beautiful pieces of artwork that tell a story. I have always found the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef a true inspiration for my art and find great happiness in being able to express through art, it is the greatest feeling to share that. I wake up each day to the absolute privilege of living on a beautiful Island I call my home, “Magnetic Island, part of the Great Barrier Reef.  It is here that I am also mum to our four amazing children who teach me the important message of “being present in every moment”. They are everyday reminders of why it is so important to tell the stories”

“As a Master Reef Guide, I wish to weave a tapestry of amazing experiences and stories together so that others will feel a sense of connection to the incredibly diverse beauty of the Great Barrier Reef”. “I absolutely love where I live, and hope through my stories about my love for the Great Barrier Reef and all the living creatures that call it home, that I can help create a beautiful wave of change and inspire others to continue to tell the stories. We can all tell a story, but a story told from the heart is one that will connect with the soul and create change.”


Master Reef Guide Stephanie



Meet your Master Reef Guides - Whitsundays

Growing up in outback Western Australia, Amelia developed a fascination for the ocean in her early twenties after studying Zoology and Environmental Science. Now interested, she acquired her dive certifications, participated in several volunteer programs, and started working in the aquarium industry, Amelia quickly became hooked and decided to pick her life up and relocate to the Whitsundays in Queensland to be closer to the Great Barrier Reef. Now, Amelia manages the Living Reef located on Daydream Island. Each day, she shares her passion and love for the ocean, as well as the wonders of the reef with the guests and employees of the island. Amelia believes the Living Reef is a great resource for all ages, backgrounds and abilities to learn about the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday region. She hopes that by creating a connection and lasting memories for people they will feel motivated to help preserve the reef. 

“I believe my early years surrounded by desert and drought has fueled my interest and fascination with the Great Barrier Reef so much so that I moved across country! I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a Master Reef Guide and I can’t wait to learn all I can and pass the information on to my amazing team and the islands visitors.”


Amelia Keynes

Master Reef Guide | Skipper | True Blue Sailing | Whitsundays (Cohort 4) (From: Great Britain)

Master Reef Guide Ben believes life is better when you are laughing and creates a fun atmosphere for his onboard guests. Whether this be through an interpretive dance, interesting fact or a story that leaves you on the edge of your seat, all the guests onboard True Blue Sailing are guaranteed to have a fun  and interesting time.

“I am responsible for my guest’s wellbeing as an employee of True Blue Sailing, and now as a Master Reef Guide I am responsible for imparting factually correct information that will enlighten tourists and protect the reef for many years to come. And there is a certain level of pride associated with wearing a uniform that I have worked hard for, knowing that I am a representative of the Great Barrier Reef”


Master Reef Guide Ben

Master Reef Guide | Owner & Skipper | Kiana Sail and Dive Whitsundays | Whitsundays (Cohort 3)

Master Reef Guide Brent has been addicted to scuba diving since the age of 15. Fast forward 31 years and 7500 dives later Brent has not lost his love for being underwater and on the water. Brent is now the Ship’s Captain on Kiana Sail & Dive. Coming up to 25 years here, you still will not find Brent without a smile on his face! His passion and love for the Great Barrier Reef is infectious. Renowned for his patience, friendliness and good sense of humour you will want to visit the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef with this Master Reef Guide! He also tells a great story, as his nickname suggests ‘Chatts'.

"By becoming a Master Reef Guide, I have acquired the ability through training and recognition to share my enthusiasm, stories and knowledge to all the reef visitors I meet. I feel privileged and humbled to be selected as a Master Reef Guide and will put 200% in to help make the difference".


Master Reef Guide Brent

Cameron Butler – Master Reef Guide | Red Cat Adventures (Cohort 3)  

Master Reef Guide Cameron is known for his energetic and passionate personality you’ll find Cameron delivering memorable experiences at Red Cat Adventures in the Whitsundays.

Cameron believes the best part of his job is sharing his knowledge of coral reefs and local marine life with his passengers, every single day. He is excited by providing people with context and knowledge on how everything works, connects and lives under the water.

He prides himself on delivering the ultimate guest experience and ensures every single guest onboard walks away with memories that will last a lifetime. Cameron’s zest for life and the Great Barrier Reef is contagious.


Master Reef Guide Cameron

Carolyn Lewis - Master Reef Guide | Owner | Ocean Dynamics | Whitsundays (Cohort 5)

Carolyn is the owner and founder of Ocean Dynamics, based in the beautiful Whitsundays. Ocean Dynamics is a family owned and operated business, growing from just one vessel in 2004 to over 10 vessels and a fleet of jet skis in 2021.  Ocean Dynamics is proud to be recognised as a High Standard Tourism Operator.

Carolyn is proud to be supported by an amazing team, which includes her four children.

“Sharing the immense beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, and the natural landscapes and secret coves of the Whitsundays Islands is something that you never grow tired of. Each and every day I spend on the water getting to meet so many amazing people and seeing them experience their first snorkel or dive, or first visit to Whitehaven Beach is definitely a highlight of the job”.


Master Reef Guide Carolyn

Chih-Siang (Taylor) Chen - Master Reef Guide | Skipper | Ocean Rafting l Whitsundays (Cohort 4) (From: Taiwan)

Master Reef Guide Taylor grew up in Taiwan and spent much of his time swimming diving and snorkelling in the Pacific Ocean, which is rich in marine diversity and an amazing underwater world.

At high school, he learnt about the Great Barrier Reef and from that moment dreamt of experiencing it firsthand and it became one of the main reasons he came to Australia. Taylor can still remember the first time he saw Hardy Reef, Whitsundays, the corals and marine life. If there were a place called “harmony”, he would say it is the space between the fish and the corals underwater. Taylor wants to pass on his infectious love for the Great Barrier Reef to everyone who visits, and working as an eco-host, skipper and Master Reef Guide for Ocean Rafting, he endeavours to do so through education and storytelling.


Master Reef Guide Taylor

Master Reef Guide | Guest Experience Manager Cruise and owner of Little Fish Tourism Consulting | Whitsundays

Crystal Lacey, better known as ‘Little Fish’, is the Guest Experience Manager at Cruise Whitsundays in Airlie Beach. Despite growing up in country Queensland, Crystal has dedicated her life to preserving the Great Barrier Reef. Crystal is a dive instructor, underwater photographer, reef interpreter, marine educator and now one of our first Master Reef Guides.

“I had the honour of becoming part of the most inspirational team whom endeavour to change the future. The Training School week I will never forget – moments to be treasured, friendships becoming family, all brought to life through the Master Reef Guide program.”


Master Reef Guide Crystal


Master Reef Guide | Bareboat Briefer | Skipper | Charter Yachts Australia | Whitsundays (Cohort 4)

Master Reef Guide Edward has been a Bareboat Briefer in the Whitsundays since 2012 and ensures his briefings are of the highest standard. Edward is held in very high regard with both guests and other members of staff and is very well respected in the region.

His passion for the Marine Park and how to make the most of every moment when visiting it is evident in his guiding. He openly shares his knowledge and stories freely to everyone and ensures that all guests leave with a smile on their faces and lifelong memories.

“This is the best training experience I have ever been involved in - it is inspirational to see all the sectors of the industry coming together and supporting this initiative - and to become a part of the programme. Being a Master Reef Guide on the Great Barrier Reef  is being better informed and connected to my fellow man, environment, history and present, and being able to share that with my colleagues and clients”.


Master Reef Guide Edward

A marine biologist and a Savannah guide at Red Cat Adventures. Emily’s enthusiasm is infectious whilst talking about both the land and the sea. Emily enjoys teaching and educating guests to open their understanding of the Great Barrier Reef. The current challenges around climate change and other environmental impacts mean that tourism's role is critical in changing guests' behaviours to more positive lifestyle environmental impacts. Emily has built her career around demonstrating positive action and building the skills to empower others to do the same. Emily completed an international internship at Koh Tao, Thailand which she fell in love with coral conservation, coral restoration and coral health impacts. In Emily’s spare time, she regularly cleans beaches and researches where the plastic pollution she found travels from. Since discovering her love for coral restoration Emily has taken on the leadership role of the Coral Nurture program for Red Cat Adventures which involves surveying the coral health, looking for diseases, maintenance on the structure and out planting when coral colonies are healthy and leaving enough. Emily has an appetite to learn and she believes she will make a positive attribute to the Master Reef Guide program.


Emily Monacella

Fiona McTavish - Master Reef Guide | Whitsundays (Cohort 3) (From: Scotland)

Master Reef Guide Fiona has worked in the Whitsunday Marine Tourism Industry for six years. Fiona is an experienced sailor and deck hand, as well as a Marine and Freshwater Biologist. Fiona has worked for Tallship Adventures for over three years in her role that includes trimming the sails to in-water guiding and island walk interpretation.

Fiona has a thirst for knowledge and loves to research information about the Great Barrier Reef. Fiona is an experienced and dedicated Eye on the Reef surveyor who recognises the importance of contributing to the Great Barrier Reef’s long term protection by collecting valuable information about reef health, marine animals and incidents.

“The Master Reef Guide program has empowered me with the skills to train others and enlighten and inspire guests who visit the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in the Whitsundays region”.


Master Reef Guide Fiona


Master Reef Guide | Environment Manager | Ocean Rafting Whitsundays | Whitsundays (Cohort 3) (From: Great Britain)

Master Reef Guide James grew up in a coastal town in the UK and has always had a passion for the ocean. In 2016, he graduated Plymouth University with a Geography and Ocean Science degree and was fortunate enough to be able to travel through South America, Asia and eventually Australia.

He arrived in the Whitsunday Region and very quickly realised he didn’t want to be anywhere else. The Whitsundays has a combination of everything that makes the Marine Park globally significant. From Whitehaven beach, 74 spectacular islands and beautiful fringing reef.

James works as a Skipper and Guide on Ocean Rafting. He gets to appreciate amazing ecosystems daily. It is his belief that education is at the heart of managing the stresses seen on the Great Barrier Reef. With access to over 200 tourists a day Ocean Rafting is the perfect platform to educate people from all over the globe on the fringing reefs throughout the Whitsundays.

“The Master Reef Guide network amplifies that notion to ensure that guests across the whole of the Great Barrier Reef leave having had an incredible experience, but also sharing the same vision that the Great Barrier Reef is worth protecting. That we all have the potential to have a positive influence on not just here but all the beautiful natural environments the world has to offer”.


Master Reef Guide James


After a decade working in digital entertainment, Master Reef Guide Jamie fell in love with the world under the sea while learning to scuba dive, and from that moment was drawn towards a career where he could help share that feeling with others.

Training and working in Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico and Spain before settling in the Whitsundays, Jamie's passion for teaching and putting smiles on faces is able to shine from Hayman Island - the Northernmost of the 74 Whitsunday Islands. Working across a range of vessels and experiences at Ocean Dynamics, he most loves taking guests underwater for the first time and introducing them to the vibrant and complex coral reef ecosystems.

"Whether it be through scuba diving, snorkeling, or beach and island adventures, it's an honour to be able to educate people from all over the world and all walks of life on the wonders and importance of the Great Barrier Reef, and the rich cultural history of the Whitsunday Islands."


Jamie Wilson

Master Reef Guide | Marine Biologist | Cruise Whitsundays | Whitsundays (Cohort 3)

Master Reef Guide Jemma has worked at Cruise Whitsundays for over five years. She regularly trains the crew to help ensure the message we send about the Great Barrier Reef is factual, educational and engaging.

“It is an honour to be part of a group that values the importance of the World Heritage Areas that we visit, and the wildlife that inhabits it. Being a Master Reef Guide will help me to deliver my messages more effectively and hopefully drive positive change and inspire my visitors to become reef ambassadors themselves”.


Master Reef Guide Jemma

Jessanie Johnsen – Master Reef Guide | Deckhand | Red Cat Adventures | Whitsundays (Cohort 5)

The Whitsundays is the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and Jessanie feels very fortunate to call Airlie Beach her home.  Jessanie is thankful for her awesome job at Red Cat Adventures and takes pleasure in taking friendly travellers to incredible underwater sites located in her backyard each day.

“With all the opportunities Red Cat and the Whitsundays has provided me, I cannot wait to further my knowledge about the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding islands. It will be a pleasure to connect my Savannah Guide knowledge and Master Reef Guide training so I can cover all aspects of land and sea on our tours.”


Master Reef Guides Jessanie

John McIntyre – Master Reef Guide | Lead Dive Instructor | True Blue Sailing | Whitsundays (Cohort 5)

Johnny has a seemingly unquenchable thirst to be on an adventure and working in the marine tourism industry allows him to live out his passion and satisfy that need as best he can. Johnny spent 7 years travelling the globe sharing his love of the underwater world with people in Central America and Asia before settling back home on the Great Barrier Reef. The pursuit of new challenges saw him transition from a Diving Instructor to Skipper and now he has the absolute pleasure of sailing around the Whitsunday Islands, exploring one of the world’s greatest natural beauties with inquisitive guests on board.

“I’m incredibly grateful to True Blue Sailing for allowing me to share this extremely precious part of the world with other like-minded, thrill seeking souls in a respectful and environmentally friendly manner. Education brings awareness and I am now in a very fortunate position where I can be an ambassador for the marine world every single day. Eco tourism is the way forward.”


Master Reef Guide John

Master Reef Guide | Marine Biologist | Living Reef Manager | Daydream Island Resort | Whitsundays (Cohort 4)

Master Reef Guide Johnny’s office is the beautiful Daydream Island in Queensland’s spectacular Whitsundays. His day job is to develop and take care of the Island’s Living Reef, an open-air coral lagoon, designed to replicate the Great Barrier Reef’s coral lagoons. Johnny is a marine biologist and qualified teacher who takes great pride in the educational element of the Living Reef, an ideal window into the Great Barrier Reef without even getting your feet wet.

In 2019 Johnny completed a yearlong exploration of reefs from Lady Elliot Island at its southern tip to the far northern reefs of Raine Island, traveling approx. 1810 km along almost the entire length of the Great Barrier Reef. He was determined to record the state of the reefs through underwater photography and videography. Johnny shares his explorations visually, to educate the world on his findings and highlight the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.

“Being a Master Reef Guide exposes you to experiences, people and knowledge that you just wouldn't get anywhere else. And it’s hard to not recommend something that is just so awesome!”


Master Reef Guide Johnny

Master Reef Guide | Marine Biologist | Skipper | Portland Roads Whitsundays | Whitsundays (Cohort 3)

Master Reef Guide Josh sails the Ngaro waters of the Whitsundays aboard the Portland Roads fleet. Immersing guests in the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef through guided snorkelling, reef interpretation, and bush walks, often to ancient and historical Ngaro meeting grounds.

Portland Roads, through Josh was one of the first charter businesses to drop plastic water bottles (2015), disallow plastic bags (2016), move to non-toxic cleaning products, allow the guests the option to recycle, reuse left over produce, installed 'sea clean up tubs' to each boat encouraging guests to bring back more than what they take ashore.

Josh's entire world focuses on the ocean. Exploring the Whitsundays since he was a child, he is able to share a lifetime of stories and knowledge with his guests, who he spends six days with at a time. You will leave feeling a deep connection to the interconnected life of the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsunday islands and our traditional First Nations People.


Master Reef Guide Josh

Julia Farrell originally studied psychology (BSc Hons) and worked in education but after just one dive on the Great Barrier Reef knew this was where her future lay. She now has 28 years of experience in the marine tourism industry as a dive instructor and company owner. Based in the Whitsundays, she currently runs Reef Safari Diving along with her husband Peter, who is also a Master Reef Guide. Reef Safari Diving manages the daily diving and snorkeling activities for Cruise Whitsundays guests out at Hardy Reef. She hopes that by giving visitors the very best experience of the Great Barrier Reef, they will form their own passionate connection to it strongly believing that people won’t preserve what they don’t appreciate. In 2004, Peter and Julia started operating diving and water sports at hotels in Fiji. This has now expanded to include two island resorts in the Yasawas. These companies work closely with the local population focusing on reef conservation and reef education for both the local communities and tourists. 


Julia Farrell

Master Reef Guide | Dive Instructor | Explore Group Whitsundays | Whitsundays (Cohort 3)

Master Reef Guide Kellie love of the water and the environment started at a young age. Kellie has been diving for over 20 years and working as a Dive Instructor in the Whitsunday Islands since 2008, her passion for the Great Barrier Reef is contagious.

Today she permanently lives on Hamilton Island and works with Explore Group who visit Bait Reef daily, where she knows every inch of her Reef backyard and where the small as well as the big critters hang out.  She can introduce you to the local fish and tell you their background stories, as well as lots of fun and educational facts about anything you would like to know about the Reef habitat and its occupants.

Kellie’s aim is to have guests leave after a trip, feeling like they to have a special connection with the Reef, which will hopefully encourage them to want to protect the reef habitat. If Kellie’s not diving or snorkelling, she’s likely to be rehabilitating sick or injured wildlife.

“I want visitors to the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef to not only see its beauty but to leave having a better understanding of the animals and plants that live in it and the important role they play in the ecosystem, by giving information in a fun way. By creating a beautiful connection with the Reef, then they are more likely to make small changes in their everyday lives, which will help protect this part of the world for future generations."


Master Reef Guide Kellie

Master Reef Guide | Owner | Whitsunday Luxury Sailing Holidays | Whitsundays (Cohort 3)

Master Reef Guide Lynne, together with her husband John, designed and coordinated the construction of their luxury 60ft charter yacht Sydney Sundancer, which is now one of Australia’s most awarded charter vessels.

Since 1986 from June to October each year, they have welcomed explorers for live aboard “expedition voyages” departing from Hamilton Island showcasing the very best secrets the Whitsunday Islands and the outer Great Barrier Reef have to offer.

Lynne takes pleasure in imparting her knowledge and experience of the marine world.  She has been exploring the Reefs of the world since 1973. Lynne & John offer a variety of cruise options where their goal has always been to give their guests the best possible Total Reef Experience through personal knowledgeable guiding, very small numbers, warm welcoming hospitality and mouth-watering meals accompanied by fine wines. In her cookbook entitled “Gourmet Sailing… delicious dining on the Great Barrier Reef & other delights” Lynne has recorded the meals and experiences guests enjoy under her stewardship.

“Such a great privilege to have been chosen to join an elite group of ambassadors for this World Heritage spectacular creation! What a difference we can all make together with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to ensure the Great Barrier Reef, has the very best guides and to announce to the entire world what a miracle is the Great Barrier Reef. We must tell the world our stories”.


Master Reef Guide Lynne

Maddie’s love for the ocean began at an early age. Growing up in Washington state, on the west coast of the United States of America, her family frequently visited the cold Oregon coast. Playing in the tide pools, collecting seashells and examining the creatures in the aquarium were her favourite activities. Growing up and getting a taste for travel from a study abroad program, she was determined to explore and experience different cultures and surroundings. Leaving the United States to pursue traveling and figuring out what she wanted in life. On her adventures, she was introduced to the fascinating world of scuba diving, and she had found her answer. After the very first dive she was hooked; and began her scuba diving journey. Determined to pursue a life where she could continue to travel and explore the world, have fun, but still make a difference to people’s lives, the sound of being a scuba Instructor was extremely appealing. The best of all worlds; exploration, meeting people from all walks of life, and most importantly, the ocean. Working several seasons around Asia as a divemaster, she came to Australia in 2019 to do her instructors ticket in the hopes to learn more about the boating world as well as diving. Falling in love with the magic of the Great Barrier Reef and Australia, Maddie has since worked on liveaboards in Cairns and Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays. Discovering the sailing world, she enjoys being involved with the sail races and casual sailing with friends. Maddie found herself on the liveaboard sailing vessel Kiana where she enjoys introducing people into the underwater world, being involved in various projects on the reef, perusing underwater photography, and participating in beach cleanups. 

“I absolutely love what I do. Not only do I get to visit the reef that I love every day, but I get to physically show people what I love. I get the pleasure to introduce them to something new, a world unexplored to them, and give them an experience they won’t ever forget. One of my favourite things is to have introductory divers and show them fascinating, amazing creatures and to physically see it blow their mind… It’s like taking a grown adult and reverting them back into a child, learning to walk (well swim) and to explore the world again with new eyes… Then we can come back out to the real world and can have informative and inquisitive conversations on the wonders we just witnessed. I want to be the spark. I fondly remember all my teachers and mentors that gave me that spark… to want to learn more, explore more, and do more for the reef. I also want to pass that spark on to all my students, if I can.” 

Maddie Gablehouse

Merran is a mum to two boys, a devoted partner, and a Master 5 Skipper who calls the Whitsundays home. She works for Ocean Rafting as a skipper and leads the on-water team. The sea and empowering women are her two greatest passions. She aspires to be a lead advocate for the Great Barrier Reef and a lead advocate for women. And by binding these together, she can make a difference. Merran has worked at sea for 16 years and during that time, she found the experience almost completely void of female role models. She is now the sea of change. She hopes to become a frontline Ambassador for the Great Barrier Reef and advocate for its protection and preservation. At the same time, Merran aspires to raise the visibility of women and help create and be a positive female reef role model.


Merran Gunn

Peter Farrell – Master Reef Guide | Owner | Reef Safari | Whitsundays (Cohort 5)

Peter first got an opportunity to work on the Great Barrier Reef in the mid-1980s and fell in love with coral reefs. His initial passion has only grown over the last 30 years whilst working around the world teaching people how to dive and about the marine life.

Nowadays he runs a tourism business in Airlie Beach providing diving and reef interpretation tours for Cruise Whitsundays guests. He also owns and operates two marine conservation minded island resorts in Fiji where he works closely with his team running manta ray and shark research in collaboration with the Manta Trust. From these islands in Fiji he also runs water quality and reef survey projects and started a reef restoration project in Fiji.

However, his greatest love is still imparting his passion and knowledge for the reef to his students and guests. He believes by having a better understanding and appreciation of the reef, guests will be more aware and ready to assist in its protection.


Master Reef Guide Peter

Master Reef Guide I Owner I Scamper | Whitsunday Island Camping Connections (Cohort 2)

Master Reef Guide Sarah has literally grown up on boats and amongst the tourism industry, with her parents starting the Hervey Bay Whale Watch industry in Australia when she was just a baby. Naturally, her passion and connection for the ocean and its marine life grew.

Sarah moved up the Queensland coast to the warmer waters of the Whitsundays and believes she has the best job in the world, getting to take people snorkelling amongst the Great Barrier Reef and relaxing on the gorgeous Whitehaven Beach.

“I am one of those people that shows you, you can live your passion, do it well and get recognised for it. I was the youngest female skipper in Queensland, I obtained my dream job, and now being selected to be part of the dream team of the Great Barrier Reef, as a Master Reef Guide”.


Master Reef Guide Sarah


Master Reef Guide | Mackay (Cohort 4)

Master Reef Guide Steve was born with seawater in his blood, his father a commercial line fisherman, his mother running the local Volunteer Marine Rescue Centre.

Steve spent his youth wandering around beaches and tidal flats exploring the mangrove estuaries. Steve was always going to end up working in the Great Barrier Reef, and he has had many diverse roles. From a Master SCUBA Diver Trainer, a Commercial Skipper and Marine Engineer, nearly 20 years as a QLD Parks and Wildlife Marine Parks Ranger.

Steve is passionate about integrating conservation and tourism by leading conservation expeditions to National Park Islands and fringing reefs.

One of Steve’s particular passions is marine turtles. He is part of Mackay and District Turtle Watch, a volunteer group that undertakes marine turtle research and conservation. During turtle season October to March, Steve will be found on beaches monitoring nesting turtles and checking on the hatching success of the nests.

To be part of the Master Reef Guide Fraternity is such a privilege. When I undertook my Master Reef Guide training at Lizard Island, I sat in awe at the depth of knowledge and experience of my cohort. We, as Master Reef Guides living and working in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area, have an amazing opportunity to deliver excellent tourism interpretation to highly engaged visitors.

"I am passionate about delivering conservation-based interpretation, which encompasses both marine and terrestrial environments. My mantra is “Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand”.


Master Reef Guide Steve F

Master Reef Guide | Vessel Briefer | Cumberland Charter Yachts Whitsundays | Whitsundays (Cohort 1)

Master Reef Guide Terry has been in the marine tourism industry since 1987 and is a long-time Airlie Beach local who is passionate about the Whitsunday region. Over the 30 years, Terry has also been involved in the bareboat industry and regularly imparts his Reef knowledge to the team of bareboat briefers. Terry has assisted the improvement of professionalism and standards in the bareboat industry.

Through the Master Reef Guide program, Terry has gained a strong connection with scientists and marine interpretation experts, becoming part of a special network and culture.

As a trainer himself, by having access to the most up to date information, Terry will be a role model to many others in the industry.


Master Reef Guide Terrance

Thomas believes that every day creates an opportunity to learn and experience something new. He has worked as a dive instructor and skipper over the past five years, which has created an opportunity where he is incredibly proud and honoured to sail around the Whitsundays on an ex-racing yacht with Prosail Whitsundays. Thomas has worked in marine tourism in Asia, New Zealand and across various parts of Australia but wherever he goes, he is always drawn back to the beauty of the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef. He loves making people smile, sharing stories and knowledge of the reef, and educating people on what can be done to protect it. Thomas feels privileged to have been selected as a Master Reef Guide, allowing him to take it one step further in making a difference in educating people and protecting the reef.

“The highlight of working in this industry is giving guests an experience of a lifetime while they dive, snorkel and sail their way around the Whitsundays.”


Thomas Conradie

Toby Lodewijks – Master Reef Guide |Skipper/Eco Host | Ocean Rafting | Whitsundays (Cohort 5)

Toby spends most of his time showcasing and exploring the spectacular Whitsundays and the underwater world of the inshore Great Barrier Reef. He believes sharing knowledge and stories of the reef is best done on a personal and relatable level.

Having spent his upbringing in both regional and coastal New South Wales, Toby was always astounded by how interconnected both environments were. This passion for both terrestrial and marine environments led to a career as a Guide in the tourism industry.

Before working for Ocean Rafting Toby spent time living and working on Magnetic Island, being surrounded by 360 degrees of the Coral Sea furthered his love for all things ocean. Toby has also spent time working in remote Arnhem Land, exploring another passions in Indigenous Australian culture and history, he was stimulated by the surrounding people and environment.

“I feel so incredibly privileged to work in Ngaro sea country and share my knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef every single day to people from all walks of life."


Master Reef Guide Toby

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