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At a glance: Blueprint 2030

Climate change is the greatest threat to the world’s coral reefs. Most coral reefs have already declined and are facing irreversible change. 

Delivering world-leading management and protecting Reef resilience as the climate changes requires more than business-as-usual.

We must be bold and innovative — do more with the tools we have and develop new tools and approaches to deliver our work. 

The Great Barrier Reef Blueprint for Climate Resilience and Adaptation (Blueprint 2030) is the next chapter in addressing the challenge of climate change impacts on the Reef and will help us deliver on the objectives of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act 1975 to protect and conserve the Reef now, and into the future.  

The action we take today will determine the Great Barrier Reef we know tomorrow.

What is Blueprint 2030? 


Blueprint 2030 is a strategic roadmap to strengthen reef resilience and is a key deliverable of the Australian and Queensland government’s Reef 2050 Plan, the overarching framework for protecting and managing the Great Barrier Reef to 2050. 

At the heart of Blueprint 2030 are five strategic goals that will drive how the Reef Authority adapts its management under a changing climate so we can progressively and effectively respond to the risks identified in the Outlook Report

To achieve these goals, we will undertake some new actions and enhance other existing actions.

Some actions are relatively simple and can be delivered fairly quickly, while others are more complex and require more preparation and consideration.

Strategic Goals 


  • Protect the Reef’s resilience
    • Deliver world‑leading resilience‑based management that effectively addresses the key threats to the Marine Park, minimises pressures on vulnerable species and habitats, and supports a functioning ecosystem
  • Enhance the Reef Authority’s capability
    • The Reef Authority’s management capability is underpinned by globally-recognised policy and legislation, strategy development, decision making, and data and knowledge.
  • Co-manage Sea Country with Traditional Owners
    • Great Barrier Reef management is conducted in a manner that acknowledges, respects, and supports the inherent rights, interests, and aspirations of Great Barrier Reef Traditional Owners.
  • Empower others to protect and manage
    • The Great Barrier Reef is a rallying point for domestic and international partnerships for action on climate change, Reef protection, and knowledge sharing on marine protected area management.
  • Do our part to reduce emissions
    • The Reef Authority is doing everything in our power to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limiting global temperature increase to 1.5˚C of warming, or as close as possible.


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Updated 1 Mar 2024
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