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Consultation feedback being considered sought

The opportunity for the public to comment on a proposal is an important part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's consultative processes in developing policies or plans and some permit assessment approaches. Interested parties are invited to contact us for more information or to make a written submission in relation to the proposal.

For consultation periods that have closed, click here: Consultation - completed

Consultation feedback is currently being sought on the following proposals. These proposals are in different phases of their consultative processes.

Privacy Collection Notice

Any personal information (including sensitive information) that you provide the Reef Authority as part of a public consultation process will be used for the purposes of informing the Reef Authority’s assessment of an application for permission or policy position.

The Reef Authority may publish comments made in response to public consultation along with the name of person or organisation that is attributed to those comments on its website. You do not have to provide the Reef Authority with your name when providing your response to a consultation process, and you may wish to use a pseudonym when making your comments. Responses will not be regarded as confidential unless confidentiality is specifically requested.

In some cases, the Reef Authority may share your response, including your name, with partner agencies or the applicant for the purposes of finalising the assessment process or policy position on a particular issue.

Should the proposed collection, use or disclosure of your personal information (including sensitive information) differ from this notice, a separate Privacy Collection Notice will be included in the public consultation materials for the relevant matter.

The Reef Authority will not otherwise use or disclose any other personal information you provide except in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Further information about how the Reef Authority collects and handles personal information and the Authority’s complaints process can be found in our privacy policy.

This notice does not imply approval of the application for permission or policy position. Due consideration will be given to the provided public comments before the Authority makes any decision in relation the relevant matter.

Updated 23 Aug 2023
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