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The Policy and Planning Strategic Roadmap has been developed to focus the Reef Authority’s efforts to deliver a proactive, contemporary and risk-based approach to Marine Park policy, planning and regulation that ensures Great Barrier Reef values are protected and ecologically sustainable use is enabled through working with Traditional Owners and partners to implement cohesive, risk-based, strategic, efficient and adaptive forward-planning. 

  • The Reef Authority’s Policy and Planning Strategic Roadmap has been prepared under five key themes:
  • Knowledge
  • Risk
  • Traditional Use of Marine Resources 
  • Tools
  • Resilience.

Click here to view the interactive Roadmap and see the status of these five themes of work, including what work is proposed or underway and what the work means for the future management of the Reef.

If you have any questions, email us at

Policy and Planning Strategic Roadmap 

Policy and Planning Roadmap 2024

Updated 24 Mar 2024
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