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At the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (Reef Authority) it’s been our day-to-day job to ensure the protection of our beautiful, iconic, World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef since 1975.

We do this through a range of programs and management actions, but we can’t do it alone. We work alongside Traditional

Owners, scientists, industry, schools, local government and the community to drive actions for a more resilient Great Barrier Reef. 

This World Oceans Day the team at the Reef Authority is reminding Townsville residents that no matter where we live, we can all do our part to to tackle climate change and protect the Great Barrier Reef for future generations.

Reef Authority CEO, Josh Thomas is challenging Townsville’s Mayor to get involved and join the #ReefChallenge, which promotes everyday actions you can take at home, work, or school to combat climate change, the single greatest threat to the Reef.

“As a Reef Guardian Council, Townville City Council already undertakes a range of environmental initiatives and actions to help the Reef,” Mr Thomas said.  

“To kick off our social challenge I am challenging Mayor Jenny Hill on what actions she takes in her everyday life that have a positive impact on the health of the Reef.

“Everyone, regardless of where they live, — can help look after the Reef by being energy efficient, using public transport or carpooling, recycling, avoiding excess packaging and plastic bag use, and using environmentally friendly cleaning products and fertilisers,” Mr Thomas Said.

In accepting the challenge, Mayor Jenny Hill said Council was committed to protecting Townsville’s natural environment, oceans and the Great Barrier Reef. 

“Council is working to grow our community into a well-educated city that helps protect and promote our dry tropics and reef coast,” Cr Hill said. 

“We can all do our part to help, including through recycling at home and at work, composting our food waste and being mindful of our power use at home. 

“I’m accepting the Reef Challenge to reduce my electricity use and single use plastics, and now I’m challenging Townsville residents to rise to the occasion.” 

The Reef Authority’s See the Reef. Love the Reef. Protect the Reef! campaign was developed to inspire awareness, education, advocacy, and action to call on people to protect the Reef for future generations.

As part of the #ReefChallenge we need your help to share the message and invite you to post photos or videos of what you’re doing in your home, work, or school to protect the Reef across your favourite social channels.

Whether you’re on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef in Townsville or half a world away, everyone can do their bit for the Reef. 

Some simple everyday actions that will help protect the Reef include: 

  • Reduce electricity use — turn off power at the wall when not in use and use energy efficient appliances and LED light fittings.
  • Consider using renewable energy — install solar power, hot water, and purchase green power if available. 
  • Avoid single-use coffee cups and straws — bring your own reusable coffee cups and say no to single-use straws.
  • Consider leaving your car at home — ride, walk, carpool, or use public transport, and consider vehicles with improved fuel efficiency. 
  • Reduce your plastic use — do a waste audit to see how much plastic you are using and where you can minimise it, for example take reusable containers for your lunch, reusable shopping bags, or purchase bulk foods. 
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products and fertilisers. 

For more information on how to get involved in the #ReefChallenge, visit


Vision available for download: Link 1 Link 2

Media Contact: 
Reef Authority Media
Hotline: 07 4750 0846                                        

Updated 14 Jun 2023
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