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The Queensland Government announced on 16 November 2023 details on the implementation of fishing reforms that include phasing out gillnet fishing in the Great Barrier Reer Marine Park by June 2027. This phase out is happening in stages and further information is available at Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland.
The Queensland Government's gillnet reforms are part of a broader transition to more sustainable fishing practices and will address a number of risks to the Marine Park that are identified in the Reef Authority’s Outlook Report.
Gillnet fishing in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park targets species such as barramundi and king threadfin. Species including dugongs, dolphins, turtles and sawfish can become entangled in gillnets and be injured or killed. Removing gillnets from the Marine Park will help protect these species, and the Outstanding Universal Value of the World Heritage Area. 
Fishing is an important economic and recreational activity in Queensland. The Reef Authority acknowledges the Queensland Government is also working to address the impacts that a phase out of gillnet fishing may have on local communities. 
The Reef is a vibrant and resilient ecosystem, but it is under pressure from climate change, poor water quality, Crown-of-thorns starfish predation as well as illegal fishing practices. The Reef Authority supports responsible actions that reduce risks to the Marine Park. 
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Updated 20 Nov 2023
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