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Climate change

Air pollution caused by combustion engine motor vehicles is one of the top contributors to greenhouse emissions in Australia. In fact, according to UN, the transport sector contributes approximately one quarter of all energy related greenhouse gas emissions.

Increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions are a major contributor to global warming.  As the earth and its atmosphere warm, so does the ocean. Corals, the building blocks of the reef, are very heat-sensitive animals that require stable environmental conditions. Changes to conditions like water temperature can cause them to stress and bleach. Extended periods of stress can cause mortality. 

This is why reducing the amount of greenhouse gases we each produce will help protect the Reef. Whether you carpool, walk, ride, or take public transport, each of these seemingly small day-to-day actions add up to big results for the Reef. If you are looking into buying a new car, why not consider an electric or hybrid model? As more of these cars enter the Australian market, it is a wonderful way to reduce your impact, and save money on fuel. 

Here at the Reef Authority, we are proud to say that our fleet has just got greener by introducing two new electric vehicles and we can't wait to add some more. This is part of the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water electric vehicle initiative making these vehicles available to the government leasing market. This initiative is helping us drive the Australian Public Service to net zero by 2030 and lets staff travel with zero emissions. 

Why not chat to your workplace about going electric? 


Updated 2 Mar 2023
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