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From 1 July 2023, permit application and assessment fees, other permit related fees and all post permit requirements, inclusive of facility and mooring compliance certificates will apply.


The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority collects a fee to cover the cost of the time spent administering and assessing the request for Marine Park permission.

Fees vary according to the complexity of the application and are usually paid before the application assessment starts.

The Application Guidelines provide full details, and a list of fees for the current calendar year is also available.

When does a fee apply?

Anyone applying for permission to conduct a commercial activity within the Marine Park will be charged a fee. There are two types of application assessment fees:

  • Initial fees — for a new permission type or significantly changing an existing one
  • Continuation fees —  for permission holders who wish to continue the same permission beyond the expiry date, applying only if applications are lodged before the existing permission expires.

How are fees determined?

The fee charged is based on the activities proposed and the potential risks to the values of the Marine Park, where the greater the risks the more extensive the assessment approach.

If you are only operating vessels or aircraft — and have not applied to operate a structure or facility in the Marine Park — the fee will be based on the maximum passenger capacity of all vessels or aircraft covered by the application.

Exactly which fee applies can only be determined when you submit a completed application.

When and how often do fees need to be paid?

A notice of the fee will be sent to you after we receive your completed application. You will then have 21 days from the date of the notice to pay the fee.

If the fee isn't paid within 21 days, your application will lapse. There is no ability to extend this timeframe.

If your application lapses and your current permission expires, you will have to pay the higher assessment fee charged for obtaining a new permission when you re-apply. You must also cease operations until you receive the new permission.

No decision will be made on an application until the fee has been paid.

For those applications requiring a Public Information Package, Public Environment Report or Environmental Impact Statement assessment approach there is provision for payments to be made by installments.

Each time you make an application you will be charged a fee even if the core matters (such as permission type) do not change when you apply for a continuation.

Are fees refundable if my application is refused?

Assessment fees are not refundable if the application is refused. The fees are to cover costs of assessing your application whether or not a permission is granted.

Is there a fee to change my permission?

If you are wishing to change a core matter on the permit document, you must apply for a new permission and thus initial application fees apply.

Changes to core matters are clearly indicated on the permit document and generally include permission holder details, expiry date, permission type, zones and in some cases locations.

The application guidelines contains further information about core matters and which fee applies.

Noting the Marine Park Authority discourage permission holders from requesting changes to conditions, any change to conditions in a permit is likely to attract an administration fee.

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Updated 14 Mar 2023
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